Auto Insurance

Car insurance plans are designed to help cover potential car-related damages, loss or injuries from a financial perspective. Maintaining proper insurance not only helps protect you and your vehicle in the case of accident, but it also serves to protect your passengers, other drivers, pedestrians and property. Additionally, car insurance helps protect you in the event of a lawsuit associated with an incident involving your car. No matter where you are, Gilbert, Mesa, Chandler or anywhere in Arizona, we can help you find the best policy and the best price available.

What is liability coverage?

A very important coverage when it comes to auto insurance is liability coverage. Liability coverage does NOT cover you, liability coverage covers damages to other people and property resulting from an accident you cause. Liability coverage is mandatory in every state. In the state of Arizona the minimum amount of liability coverage is $15,000 per person, $30,000 per incident with $10,000 property damage. This means that in the case of an accident caused by you that your insurance company would pay up to $15,000 per person for injuries they may have and up to $30,000 total. There is also the $10,000 for any property damaged such as vehicles, fences, light poles, etc.

Liability Coverage Example

You are driving through a parking lot an momentarily look down. You didn’t see the person pulling out in front of you. You hit their car and cause minor injuries to the driver of the other car. It’s determined that you were at fault. Your liability coverage would pay for the damage to the other persons vehicle as well as cover the medical injuries of the driver up to the limits of liability you’ve selected. Safe Street Insurance recommends you select a limit much higher than the state minimum liability limits of $15,000/$30,000/$10,000. We recommend purchasing liability limits of at least $50,000/$100,000/$50,000.

How much does auto insurance cost?

There is no set answer to be given here. Insurance costs are determined by many different factors. Your age affects the price you pay for car insurance as well as your gender and your driving record. Also the area you live affects the rates, do you live in Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert or San Tan Valley? Each city and even zip code is priced differently. Most incidents such as speeding tickets and accidents stay on your insurance record for 5 years. So if you have had an accident or ticket in the past 5 years you can bet that you will be paying more for car insurance.

How much does it cost to add a teenager to my car insurance policy?

Young teenage drivers always cost a significant amount to insure. As you can guess this is because their inexperience often leads them to be in more accidents and are overall more dangerous on the road. The best thing to do before purchasing your teenager a car is to call and discuss this with your agent. They can give you advice as to discounts available as well as letting you know which vehicles will cost less to insure.

With so many car insurance companies available in Gilbert, AZ, as well as various coverage options to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when deciding which particular company and insurance plan is a good fit for you. But with Safe Street Insurance, each client’s individual needs are considered and the process of obtaining affordable insurance is a quick and easy process!

Safe Street Insurance will provide you with rates from multiple insurance companies to help you shop for the best combination of price and coverage and clearly explain the options, so you can make the best decision on which plan works best for you.

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